County Convention

The 2020 Nevada State Democratic Party County Conventions were originally scheduled to take place on April 18. In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the County Conventions will now take place remotely through a process that prioritizes the completion of essential party business and the election of delegates to the next step of the caucus to convention process. 

Revised County Convention Dates

  • Friday, April 17 – Friday, April 24: County Convention Registration period
  • Friday, April 24 – Wednesday, April 29: County Convention Credentialing period 
  • Friday, May 1 – Friday, May 8: County Convention Voting period


Twenty Five Percent (25%) of the members of any Party body above the first level of the delegate selection process shall constitute a quorum for any business pertaining to the selection of National Convention delegates, alternates, standing committee members, and other official Convention participants. 

Election of Delegates and Alternates 

Nevada state statute provides for the election of one (1) delegate per 150 registered Democratic voters in each county (Rule 8.B, NRS 293.145). Election of delegates and alternates to the state convention will occur through a remote voting process if necessary. At the conclusion of the credentialing period, the Nevada State Democratic Party shall produce a list of the number of delegates to each county convention who expressed a desire to be delegates to the state convention. Should the number of delegates and alternates to a county convention not exceed that county’s maximum delegate allocation to the state convention, all delegates and alternates shall become automatic delegates to the state convention. Delegate Intent Forms for national delegate positions have been made available on the Nevada State Democratic Party website,

Remote Process

NV Dems is working to streamline the County Convention process by conducting only essential business remotely. The below process will allow each County party to: 

  • Elect County delegates to Nevada State Democratic Party State Convention
  • Adopt a County party platform
  • Elect County Central Committee members 

In order to accomplish this, NV Dems has created a remote process for registration, credentialing and voting. 

Registration Period [Friday, April 17 – Friday, April 24]

Any person wishing to participate as a delegate in their County Convention must register during the open registration period from April 17 – April 24. In order to participate as a delegate you must have participated in the Early Vote Process (February 15 – February 18) or on Caucus Day (February 22). 

  • All delegates and alternates elected on Caucus Day as well all Caucus volunteers that applied through the NV Dems Delegate application form should register during the registration period. 
  • Others wishing to serve as delegates may register for potential delegate positions if they participated in the caucus process during early vote or on Caucus Day. 
  • NV Dems will work with county parties to inform alternates and delegates about the registration window and process.
  • Participants may register via online form available beginning April 17 at 9:00 am.
    • NV Dems will provide a registration by phone option for those without access to reliable internet. 
  • NV Dems will provide information to all elected delegates and alternates in coordination with county parties. County chair information can be found here.
  • People with questions about registration or eligibility should reach out to their County Party first. NV Dems will take any outstanding questions at
  • NV Dems will provide training on the registration process during the week of April 13th. Training can be found by visiting
  • The registration period will close at 11:59 pm on April 24.

Credentialing [Friday, April 24 – Wednesday, April 29]

  • NV Dems will credential all registered delegates and alternates to ensure that each participant:
    • Early voted or attended their precinct caucus
    • Is a registered Democrat
  • NV Dems will seat delegates and alternates remotely based on their status and available positions at the close of the registration period.
  • NV Dems will work with county parties to notify registrants on a rolling basis of their delegate status no later than April 29th

Voting [Friday, May 1 – Friday, May 8] 

Voting will be open to all credentialed delegates during a voting period. Delegates may participate at any point during the voting period, but must participate no later than May 8 at 11:59 pm.

  • Each credentialed delegate will be provided with a unique code to participate in the voting process.
  • NV Dems will create and administer a county-specific form to credentialed county delegates by email on May 1 at 8:00 am. 
  • Delegates needing to vote in Spanish or Tagalog and delegates without reliable internet access may request to vote by phone appointment during the registration period. 
  • Delegates will vote to:
    • Approve county convention delegates and alternates to the State Convention
    • Approve county central committee members 
    • Adopt a county platform 
  • NV Dems will provide training on the voting process during the week of April 13th. Training can be found by visiting

Platform Committee Hearings

  • NV Dems will support County parties by providing technology training to conduct any platform committee hearings remotely using Zoom, Google Hangout or other conferencing services.
  • County parties will provide any relevant information and dates for Platform Committee Hearings.
  • County parties will handle any amendments internally during the hearing process. County Parties may submit their County Platforms to the NV Dems no later than April 27. 

Platforms will be hosted at and made available to all delegates to be approved or rejected by simple majority vote.


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