ICYMI: NV Dems release 2020 delegate selection plan

In case you missed it, the Nevada State Democratic Party released our 2020 delegate selection plan, aiming to make the Nevada caucus process more accessible, expansive and transparent. NV Dems is creating a uniquely Nevada caucus process–one that reflects how Nevadans vote and the communities we live in. Read about our plan below:

Associated Press: Nevada Democrats release plan for 2020 presidential caucuses

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy said Wednesday that the party is focused on a “fully transparent” caucus in February 2020 that will include for the first time early voting, virtual participation and the release of raw vote totals that each candidate receives.

Many of the changes aim to help those who are homebound, serving in the military overseas or who cannot spend hours participating in the Saturday caucus.

They’ll likely end up forcing candidates to invest more time and resources in the state in the days leading up to voting while giving them time to speak directly to more Democrats as they begin picking their top candidate.

HuffPost: Nevada Democrats Propose Major Changes To 2020 Presidential Caucus

Nevada Democrats on Wednesday released a list of proposed changes to their caucus for the 2020 presidential elections that includes major updates to the voting process to make it more accessible for residents.

As part of the caucus revamp, the Nevada State Democratic Party is proposing a four-day early voting period, similar to the one offered during general elections, for those who cannot attend the state party’s caucus on Feb. 22, 2020, as well as a two-day virtual caucus for voters who cannot be present at the caucus in February.

The state party also proposed adding Tagalog as a preferred language at caucus locations to accommodate a growing Asian-American and Pacific Islander population. English and Spanish are currently used in caucuses.

CNN: Nevada Democrats announce changes to 2020 caucus

Extensive changes to caucus process include recommending in-person early voting and a way for voters to caucus absentee as a way for the process to be more open to Democrats

The plan includes long-held proposals, like hosting caucus sites on the Las Vegas Strip and offering of bilingual preference cards. This includes adding Tagalog

New ideas include four day in-person voting period for those unable to caucus on February 22, a two-day virtual caucus for those Democrats who can’t participate at all in person

Chairman McCurdy said, “Our new delegate selection plan will ensure that 2020 is Nevada’s most expansive, accessible and fair caucus yet.”

POLITICO: Nevada Dems revamp caucuses after 2016 clashes

The Nevada State Democratic Party released new updates to its presidential caucus procedures, expanding to four days of in-person early voting and virtual caucuses as Democrats brace for record participation in the 2020 White House campaign.

The Nevada Democratic caucuses will be held on a Saturday, February 22, next year, with four days of early voting during the preceding week, from February 15 to February 18. The party will also host two virtual caucuses on February 16 and 17, which will require pre-registration and voter identification.

Next year, state Democrats will also offer presidential preference cards in Tagalog to include the state’s expanding Asian American and Pacific Islander community. The state already uses English and Spanish-language cards.

The Nevada Independent: After bitter 2016 cycle, Nevada Democrats overhaul caucus process to build a bigger tent

The Nevada State Democratic Party plans to officially release its 2020 delegate selection plan on Wednesday, including a host of changes that party officials hope will not only prevent the divisiveness of the last presidential election cycle but further expand the party to include more Democrats than ever before.

One of those “uniquely Nevada” changes includes, for the first time, offering presidential preference cards not only in English and Spanish but a third language, Tagalog. The change is aimed at bringing Nevada’s rapidly growing Asian American and Pacific Islander community — which now comprises about 10 percent of the state’s population and is largely Filipino — into the fold.

Another major change will allow Nevada Democrats to early vote in the caucus. While Iowa made waves last year after Democrats there announced that their first-in-the-nation presidential caucus would allow absentee ballots, early voting is the more popular practice among Nevadans.

Nevada Current: Democrats plan early voting, ‘virtual caucus’ for 2020

“We all know how important Nevada’s First in the West caucus will be in 2020 and we are confident that we will elect a nominee who will beat Donald Trump in the general,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy.

The state party’s proposed 2020 Delegate Selection Plan will include in-person early voting and offer several methods for absentee voters to participate, which the party hopes will make the process more accessible and open.

As part of the new plan, the party will add four days of in-person early voting, and two days to participate in a “virtual caucus” for people unable to attend on Caucus Day. Early voting and the virtual caucuses are both open to all registered Democrats.

Bilingual preference cards will now include Tagalog “to accommodate our growing AAPI community,” McCurdy said. The party, which administers the caucus, will also set up more caucus locations in diverse neighborhoods across the state as part of the new caucus plan.

KLAS: Voters will face changes during 2020 Nevada Democratic Caucus [VIDEO]

The first in the west Nevada Democratic Caucus is just under a year away.  But there will be some changes as Democrats try to include as many voters as possible in the presidential nomination process.

A half-dozen major presidential candidates have already visited Las Vegas; some more than once.  Democrats see Nevada as a more representative slice of the country than Iowa and New Hampshire, which are the two states ahead of Nevada in the primary process.

A win in Nevada for any candidate during the caucus is viewed as a momentum builder.

“We’re really focused on running an open, fair, transparent caucus,” said Shelby Wiltz, Caucus Director, Nevada State Democratic Party.  “We want this process to really be the foundation for winning in 2020; we just came off of a really fantastic midterm year in 2018, where we really just saw historic gains for Democrats across the state.”

KSNV:  Nevada Democrats unveil proposed changes to caucus, early voting process [VIDEO]

The Nevada Democratic Party has released its proposal for changing the presidential caucus process, which includes early voting and absentee options.

There would be four days of in-person early voting and two days for a “virtual caucus” for people who can’t caucus in person, according to the proposal.

Precinct caucuses and at-large caucus locations on the Las Vegas Strip will stay in place, according to the proposal. Same-day registration will also be available for those who are not registered Democrats.

KTVN: Nevada Democrats Release 2020 Delegate Selection Plan

The Nevada State Democratic Party has released its proposed 2020 Delegate Selection Plan outlining changes to Nevada’s caucus process.

The plan includes an in-person early voting period and offering a method for absentee voters to participate.

@ec_schneider: Exciting NV Dem caucus rules changes! Woo!

@merica: Nevada Democrats proposed extensive changes to their 2020 caucus on Wednesday, recommending in-person early voting and a way for voters to caucus absentee as a way for the process to be more open to Democrats

@JTHVerhovek: NEW: @nvdems announce 2020 delegation selection plan

– Adds 4 days of in-person early voting

– State Party is offering 2 days to participate in a virtual caucus (like Iowa proposed)

– Same day registration

– State Party will release raw vote totals on Caucus Day

@tonykchoi: Wow! The preference card for the Nevada Caucus will include an #AAPI language for the first time! Pinoys in Nevada will get a big say in who may become the next president.

@atdleft: New today: We may have another 11 months until the actual #FirstInTheWest #NVDemsCaucus, but @nvdems leaders now signal change is coming to a caucus site near you.


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