In the Face of Trump Campaign’s Frivolous Lawsuits, NV Dems Stand with Nevada Voters

In response to the latest lawsuit launched by the Trump campaign and the Nevada GOP, Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement: 

“This is now the second lawsuit filed by the Trump campaign and the Nevada GOP in recent days in Clark County. These pointed, partisan attacks reveal just how desperate the GOP is to suppress Nevadans’ voices in the most diverse county in our state. By now, the Trump campaign has a well-established pattern of launching frivolous suits when things aren’t going their way. While Nevada Democrats work to expand voting access and educate eligible voters, the Nevada GOP invests their energy in attempts to shake voter confidence. It won’t work. With an election as consequential as this one just days away, Nevada Democrats will work to protect the integrity of our electoral process, not denigrate it. As we always have, our party will uplift voters and ensure Nevadans’ voices are heard loud and clear as they participate in this historic election.”


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