The Nevada Independent: Democrats submit records request to see whether Laxalt’s office has corresponded with NRA

Nevada Democrats have filed a public records request to see whether Attorney General Adam Laxalt’s office has communicated with representatives of the National Rifle Association or its lobbying arm during his three years in office.

The state party sent a request Tuesday asking for copies of any email, telephone and text records of such correspondence. They have criticized him in the past of being too aligned with the group’s agenda.

Laxalt, who is considered the frontrunner in the Republican gubernatorial primary, describes himself on his campaign website as “a proud and firm supporter of the Second Amendment.”

“Alarmingly, we have seen many attempts in recent years — both by far-left legislators here in Nevada and by out-of-state, anti-gun zealots — to infringe upon our Second Amendment rights,” he wrote. “Nevadans should know that as Governor, I will oppose any such attempts in the future, and will continue to treat the right of free citizens to bear arms as sacred and non-negotiable.”

Laxalt spoke at the NRA’s national convention last year and was initially listed as a featured speaker at this year’s meeting in May before his name was taken off the group’s website shortly after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. His campaign spokesman told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Laxalt’s name was added before he was formally confirmed as a speaker and said it was too far out to solidify the attorney general’s schedule.

Robert Uithoven, who managed Laxalt’s successful 2014 campaign and whose firm is working on Laxalt’s current campaign, also led the NRA Nevadans for Freedom grassroots campaign against Question 1 — a measure that would have expanded background checks to more gun sales and transfers but hasn’t been implemented.

Laxalt’s campaign didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment about the records request.


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