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The Democratic Ticket


Before you head to the ballot box, meet the Democrats running to represent Nevadans up and down the ticket in 2018.


U.S. Senate

Meet Jacky Rosen: Jacky Rosen has lived in Nevada for nearly 40 years. As the first in her family to graduate from college, Jacky worked two jobs and took out student loans to make ends meet. She waited tables over the summers, including at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. She currently serves as Congresswoman for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. READ MORE
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U.S. House of Representatives

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CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 1 Las Vegas and parts of Clark County.

Meet Dina Titus: Dina Titus has dedicated her entire life to education and public service. She is Professor Emeritus in political science at UNLV. She represented the people of Senate District 7 in the Nevada Legislature for 20 years, serving as the Democratic Minority Leader from 1993 to 2008. Currently in her fourth term in Congress, Dina is a proud progressive representing District One. READ MORE
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CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 2The northernmost portion of the state including Carson City and the counties of Churchill, Douglas, Elko, Eureka, Humboldt, Lander, Pershing, Storey, and Washoe. It also contains part of Lyon County.

Meet Clint Koble: Clint Koble is the son of a North Dakota farmer. Clint’s father was an undocumented immigrant who arrived in this country as an infant. Clint’s father instilled in him the values of hard work & integrity. Clint lived by those values as an appointee of President Obama at USDA. Clint is running for Congress to bring those values back to Washington. READ MORE
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CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 3  – The southern portion of the state including Henderson and a portion of Clark County.

Meet Susie Lee: Susie Lee was born to a working class family in Canton, Ohio. She learned the values of hard work and stretching a dollar, starting with a paper route at the age of eight. After moving to Las Vegas in 1993, Susie became the Founding Director of After-School All-Stars and since 2010 has served as President of Communities In Schools of Nevada (CIS). READ MORE
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CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 4The central portion of the state including the counties of White Pine, Nye, Mineral, Esmeralda, and Lincoln. It also includes southern Lyon County and northern Clark County.

Meet Steven Horsford: Steven Horsford was born and raised in Las Vegas and spent a decade training thousands of Nevadans for good-paying jobs in hospitality and other industries. As a public servant, he fought to fund our schools and expand quality, affordable health care. He will check the out of control Trump administration, cut through the chaos, and put working families first. READ MORE
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Meet Steve Sisolak: Steve was born into a working-class, blue-collar family and has called Nevada home for over 40 years. It’s where he raised his two daughters as a single dad and where he built a successful business. Steve served on the Nevada Board of Regents for ten years before his 2008 election to the Clark County Commission, where he serves as Chairman. READ MORE
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Lieutenant Governor

Meet Kate Marshall: Kate grew up in working-class neighborhoods in San Francisco as the eldest of five children. Kate’s family knew hard times, but they never stopped believing in the opportunity to get to the middle class. Kate worked throughout high school and college, and earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of California, Berkeley. READ MORE
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Attorney General

Meet Aaron Ford: Aaron spent nights growing up wondering if the gas, electricity and water would turn on the next day, even though his parents had many jobs. Through perseverance and hard work, Aaron earned five degrees and became a partner at a law firm. As AG, Aaron will be a champion for Nevadans and put our families first. READ MORE
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Secretary of State

Meet Nelson Araujo: Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nelson is the son of a single mother who has worked as a union housekeeper for 32 years. Elected twice to the Nevada State Assembly, Nelson served as Assistant Majority Leader in the most recent legislative session. Nelson is running to modernize how Nevada does business and to protect the fundamental rights of all eligible voters. READ MORE
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Meet Zach Conine: Zach has spent his career working to ensure businesses in Nevada are able to start-up effectively, operate efficiently and grow to hire more employees.  Now he wants to take that experience to our state government so that our tax dollars are spent wisely and invested in building a brighter future for Nevada. READ MORE
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Meet Catherine Byrne: Catherine Byrne is a CPA licensed in both Nevada and California with decades of accounting experience including many years of government accounting. Catherine is running to refocus the office of the Controller on its core mission of responsibly handling the accounting needs of the State of Nevada. READ MORE
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District Name Website Twitter Facebook

SD 2

Senator Mo Denis

SD 8

Marilyn Dondero Loop

SD 9

Melanie Scheible

SD 10

Yvanna Cancela

SD 13

Julia Ratti

SD 14

Wendy Boszak

SD 16

Tina Davis-Hersey

SD 17

Curtis Cannon

SD 20

Julie Pazina

SD 21

James Ohrenschall



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District Name Website Twitter Facebook

AD 1

Daniele Monroe Moreno

AD 2

Jennie Sherwood

AD 3

Selena Torres

AD 4

Connie Munk

AD 5

Brittney Miller

AD 6

William McCurdy

AD 7

Dina Neal

AD 8

Jason Frierson

AD 9

Steve Yeager

AD 10

Chris Brooks

AD 11

Olivia Diaz

AD 12

Susan Martinez

AD 14

Maggie Carlton

AD 15

Howard Watts

AD 16

Heidi Swank

AD 17

Tyrone Thompson

AD 18

Richard Carrillo

AD 20

Ellen Spiegel

AD 21

Ozzie Fumo

AD 22

Kristee Waston

AD 24

Sarah Peters

AD 25

Greg Shorts

AD 26

June Joseph

AD 27

Teresa Benitez-Thompson

AD 28

Edgar Flores

AD 29

Lesley Cohen

AD 30

Mike Sprinkle

AD 31

Skip Daly

AD 32

Paula Povilaitis

AD 34

Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod

AD 35

Michelle Gorelow

AD 36

Lesia Romanov

AD 37

Shea Backus

AD 39

Patricia Ackerman

AD 40

Autumn Zemke

AD 41

Sandra Jauregui

AD 42

Alexander Assefa

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