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June 16, 2020 Press Releases

NV Dems Chair: Nevadans Will Reject Out-of-Touch Republican Ticket

by Nevada Democrats

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement on the toxic, out-of-touch 2020 Republican ticket:

“Nevada Republicans haven’t learned a thing. After losing two congressional seats and their majorities in the Senate and Assembly in 2016 to losing a U.S. Senate seat, the Governor’s Mansion, and all but one statewide office in 2018, the GOP has put forth yet another toxic slate of out of touch Republicans. With Donald Trump at the helm, it’s no surprise Republicans in Nevada want to elect leaders who will work to rip health care from hundreds of thousands of Nevadans, put large corporations and the ultra-wealthy ahead of working families, and cut safety net programs. 

“The Republican Congressional candidates in competitive districts include a hardline conservative with a violent past and a self-funding gadfly. Dan Rodimer is nothing short of dangerous for Nevada from his violent rap sheet to his pledge to undo the Affordable Care Act. His only accomplishments are in the wrestling ring. Jim Marchant is a far-right conservative who wants to go to Washington to implement Trump’s agenda and do the gun lobby’s bidding. 

“At the top of the ticket is a so-called commander in chief who has done nothing but further divide our country by spewing hateful rhetoric, inciting violence, and emboldening white supremacists. He did nothing to prepare our country for a global pandemic that has infected more than a million Americans and taken more than 130,000 lives. From the very beginning, his agenda has been to roll back years of progress--from ‘terminating health care’ as we know it, to rolling back environmental regulations, to reversing course on reproductive rights, to further deepening inequality. 

“While Democrats continue to fight for the issues that matter most to Nevada’s hardworking families, Republicans continue to show their loyalty lies with special interests. Nevadans will once again reject Donald Trump and his Republican cronies at the ballot box and put an end to their dangerous agenda.”

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