Reid Statement on Announcement of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s Running Mate

Former Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today on Joe Biden’s selection of Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate: 

“I am elated by the news Joe Biden selected Kamala Harris as his running mate. Biden made a smart choice. Harris is talented, intelligent, and brings incredible experience to the ticket as well as a valuable Western voice. I know Harris is a fighter, I’ve seen her hold members of this administration accountable as a U.S. Senator, watched her take on the big banks as California’s attorney general during the 2008 financial crisis, and witnessed an admirable campaign for the people when she ran for president. 

“Kamala Harris will play a vital role in helping Joe Biden lead the country out of the crises and dysfunction brought on by President Trump and his sycophants in Congress. Whether it’s finally taking the response to COVID-19 seriously, addressing systemic racism and inequality, or helping our country recover from the economic devastation wrought by the Trump’ administration’s callousness and ineptitude, Harris is ready to help lead our nation past this dark era of incompetence and division.    

“The Biden-Harris team is unbeatable.”


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