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Special E-Board Election – CLARK COUNTY

A special election to fill the vacant position on the executive board representing Clark County will take place at the SCC meeting in Reno on September 28, 2019 and at the offsite voting Las Vegas location at the NV Dems office. 

Candidate nomination forms and any candidate messages they provided are listed below. (Candidates may submit three campaign messages but are not required to do so.)

DeFalco, Matthew    9/5/2019    9/12/2019    9/19/2019
   Nomination Form    Message 1    Message 2    Message 3  
Gaines, Ida      
   Nomination Form
   Message 1    Message 2    Message 3  
Kern, Robert      
   Nomination Form    Message 1    Message 2    Message 3  
Morelli, Angie      
   Nomination Form    Message 1    Message 2    Message 3  
Throneberry, Joe      
   Nomination Form    Message 1    Message 2    Message 3  


Eligible candidates and voters shall be current members of the state central committee representing Clark County. Proxy voting is not permitted. Election Rules may be found here: http://bit.ly/2MC1gtY

Best of luck to all the candidates! 

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