Candidate Statements: Executive Board, Rurals

Below you’ll find candidate statements from individuals who are running for the Rural Counties At-Large Executive Board positions. Please review these statements ahead of the State Convention voting period. Candidates are listed alphebetically by last name. 

Kelly Fitzpatrick

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Thank you for considering me as a Rural Counties Executive Board At-Large Member. I believe I can be a great asset to the current E-Board and bring fresh outlook to most matters that arise.

One of my favorite ways to work is to look outside of that comfy box and find a way to make it work.  I had to do this for 37 years running a nonprofit advocating for mental ill children, I did a lot of working out of the box for those kids. I can usually do the same in most situations.

I work well with everyone and have a love for people. I do not have a huge ego, “When faced with adversity, I am able to resolve and move forward.”

 My biggest pet peeve is someone not being heard, I think everyone has a voice and should have a chance to use it. I will go to bat when I feel someone is not being heard or is being bullied.

I thank you for your consideration,

Kathaleen (Kelly) Fitzpatrick

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Michael Greedy

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I am Michael Greedy and I am asking for your vote to be your rural’s at-large STATE executive board voting member.

I am more than ten years into serving our Democrat party as:  a recurring donor, county chair, platform communities, county central committee member,  STATE central committee member and a rural’s at-large voting member of the STATE executive board.

I have professional experience in government and public utilities including computer systems, systems implementation and expert witness testimony.

I will champion:

a state-wide program for letter writing,

education programs for influencing public opinion,

remote sites for our STATE central committee meetings,

replacing the present caucus in favor of a fire house caucus or a primary,

better financial statements,

improvements in the VoteBuilder system including data quality,

rigorous documentation and controls on data processing, and 

improving communication among ourselfs, our staff and our STATE party officials.

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Mary Sanada

Statement 3

As one of your rural at-large board members for the last two years, I have attended every in person board meeting and missed only one telephone meeting. As I committed to everyone when elected, I listened to rural constituents and brought their concerns to the board when they were expressed to me. I objected to ending video conference locations for central committee meetings, advocating instead to fix the problems and expand their reach to more locations. I pushed for caucus sites to have paper back-up for early vote counts, rather than rely exclusively on technology. I voted against the state convention rules that would put all national delegates on one ballot; the DNC subsequently told the state party that they couldn’t do that. I have also objected to calls for last-minute votes via email. We need time to consider what we are voting for.

If I am re-elected, I will continue to listen to my constituents and advocate for fairness and transparency. I will thoughtfully consider all matters that come before the board and their effect on rural Nevada. I would like to see the Vote Builder software used to help elect our candidates rather than being a source of revenue for the State Party.

It has been an honor to serve as your representative on the executive board these last two years. I would appreciate your vote to continue in this position.

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Leslie Sexton

Statement 3
Statement 2
Statement 1

John Solomon

Statement 1

To whom it may concern,

I have been too busy organizing and participating in the Black Lives Matter protest to keep up on my candidate statements.

This is my statement.

Thank you

John Solomon


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