Candidate Statements: National Delegate, PLEO

Below you’ll find cadidate statements from individuals who are running for Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) National Delegate positions. Please review these statements ahead of the State Convention voting period. Candidates are listed alphebetically by last name within their delegate group (also listed alphebetically by last name).

Candidates for Bernie Sanders

Joe Throneberry

Statement 3

In my third and final message to Delegates and SCC Members, it has been my goal over these last two messages to share more about myself with you so that you can make an educated choice when you VOTE during the 2020 Nevada State Democratic Convention. I respectfully ask that you VOTE for JOE THRONEBERRY, where you see my name on the ballet. If you have any questions for me, feel free to reach out at [email protected] and lets talk. I will commit to making myself available to my fellow Nevada Democrats and carrying your message with me to the DNC and NV Dems Executive Board meetings. 

With over 20 years’ experience and industry leader in fighting fraud, I will continue to work hard to promote the ides of morality, economic reform , efficiency and social welfare within the Democratic Party. 

During this campaign process I have met outstanding volunteers, fellow candidates, and those passionate about both improving the Democratic Party and ensuring to elect Democrats up and down the ticket. I have also met some that are for maintaining the “status quo”, going along with the “establishment” even when there are clear conflicts of interest/lack of transparency, others with just plain self-interests, and those that are just clearly not qualified. Please review each and every candidates’ filing documents, personal messages, and social media/campaign material and make an educated vote on who will do the best job. Your critical vote during this virtual Convention will determine the direction for the NV Dems well into 2020, a time critical in history. It is not just about winning in November, it is about what also comes afterward. 

In conclusion, I wish to thank you for having taken the time to review my candidacy and respectfully ask for you to VOTE for JOE in November and VOTE for JOE THRONEBERRY during virtual Convention. 

Statement 2
Statement 1

Judith Whitmer

Statement 3
Statement 2
Statement 1


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