Trump’s Nevada Telerally Filled with Hypocrisy and Contradictions on Voting

In response to a Nevada-targeted Trump telerally that took place this afternoon, Nevada Democratic spokeswoman Madison Mundy released the following statement:

“Last Friday, Nevada Democrats launched our 2020 voter education program, providing Nevadans the resources they need to vote safely and securely during the most important election of our lifetimes. We are determined to provide all voters with accurate voting information because we believe voting access shouldn’t be a partisan issue. On Friday, Governor Sisolak laid out the choices Nevadans are now empowered with — explaining voters can mail in their ballot, drop their ballot off, or vote in-person early or on Election Day.

“The Governor’s assured tone dramatically contrasted with the fearmongering we heard from Trump today. Trump sued Nevada over Democrats’ successful push for ballot access expansion. He has led a national assault on the legitimacy of vote-by-mail through false rhetoric and legal retaliation. Yet on today’s call, his hypocrisy was on full display as he urged supporters to vote as early as possible and vote by mail; an option he has chosen himself numerous times. Trump’s words tonight prove his lawsuit is a sham. It seems Trump only has an issue with voting by mail when it’s Democrats who are voting.” 


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