Vote by mail

Will I receive a ballot automatically by mail this year?

  • Yes, most voters will receive a ballot automatically this year! To ensure that you will receive a ballot, check online to confirm you are an ‘active voter’ and re-register if necessary by October 15. 
  • To see if you are an active voter, check here:
  • After October 15, you can still vote! Register online until October 29, at 11:59 p.m. by going to You can also still register in-person during Early Vote (until October 30) and Election Day.

How do I vote by mail?

  • When you get your ballot, read and follow the directions carefully!
    • Use a blue or black pen to fill in the oval for the candidate you’re voting for.
      • DO NOT use felt tip pens or permanent markers.
    • Mark your choices in each contest or question by completely filling in the oval to the right of each of your ballot choices.
    • If you make a mistake, simply cross out the name of the candidate you mistakenly voted for. Fill in the oval next to the correct candidate. 
    • If you choose to vote on some candidates or questions and not others, your ballot will be counted for those you have voted on.  This will not invalidate your ballot.
    • If you mark more choices than permitted in a single contest, no vote will be counted for that contest but the rest of your correctly marked ballot will be counted.
    • Do not make any stray or identifying marks on the ballot itself.
    • Put your ballot inside the secrecy sleeve and then return both in the provided envelope. Make sure your ballot goes back in the envelope that was mailed to YOU, not to someone else in your household. Then seal and sign where indicated!
    • Make sure to sign the back of the envelope using the same signature as the one you used when you registered to vote.
    • Mail it through the USPS or drop it at an official dropbox location.
  • It’s okay to have a friend or family member deliver it for you, but they must deliver within 3 days of receipt, and definitely before voting ends on November 3 at 7 p.m.

I voted by mail, now what?

I haven’t received my ballot, or I lost, or damaged my ballot, what should I do?

  • If you lost your ballot, call our hotline for instructions: 888-525-VOTE (8683)

I didn’t get a mail ballot, I missed the voter registration deadline, but I’ve had an emergency – can I still vote?

  • Yes! Please call our hotline at 888-525-VOTE (8683) and we’ll walk you through the necessary steps.

I’ve been informed my ballot was rejected, what do I do?

  • Immediately call our hotline: 888-525-VOTE (8683)
  • ¡Llame a nuestra línea directa de protección al votante inmediatamente al 888-525-VOTE (8683)!
  • Kaagad tumawag sa aming Hotline Protection Voter sa 888-525-VOTE (8683)!


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