Voter FAQ

How do I vote?

  • Sign it. Mail it. Drop it. Vote it. 
    • If you are using your vote by mail ballot, you must sign the back of the envelope!
    • Vote by mail ballots are being sent to every active registered voter. 
      • If you’ve voted recently and haven’t moved or changed your name, you are an active voter!
      • If you’d like to check, look yourself up at:
  • You can mail your ballot through the USPS or take it to a drop off location. 
  • You can have your family member or friend deliver it to a mailbox or drop off locations.
    • Make sure they deliver within 3 days and no later than November 3 at 7 p.m.
  • Everyone who is registered can choose to vote in-person during early voting, October 17-October 30, or on Election Day, November 3 (you must be in line on Election Day by 7 p.m.). Find your polling or drop off location on

Where do I vote?

Do I need identification to vote?

  • Basically, NO.
  • If you are a newly registered voter, who registered after October 15, or who is registering on the same day as you are voting, you will need to have a valid Nevada DMV ID. 
    • A license that expired after March 11 is valid through November 12, by order of the DMV.
  • If you are a newly registered voter, who registered before October 6, and did not provide identification when registering, you will need to provide a valid photo identification.
    • Valid identification includes those issued by a Nevada university or college, Nevada state or federal government agencies, and tribal identification, among others.  Generally, it will be fine if it is valid and has your photo. 
    • If it has an address that is no longer accurate, you will need a utility bill, bank statement, paycheck stub, or other document that has your registered address on it. 

Can I see a sample ballot?

Can I get a ride to the polls?

Vote by mail is the safest, easiest way to vote this year. If you would like to vote in person and need a ride to your nearest polling location, call our hotline if you require assistance 888-525-VOTE (8683).


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