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How To Vote

If you have any questions about voting or problems while voting, call our Voter Hotline at 888-525-VOTE (8683).

You can vote early from October 20 – November 2!

Voters may vote at any polling location in their registered county. Look up your nearest location and hours with the Vote NV Dems’ locate tool.

You can vote at your polling location on Election Day, November 6 from 7am – 7pm!

Voters in Washoe & Clark may vote at any polling location. Other counties may still require voters to stay in precinct. Anyone in line at 7pm must be allowed to vote. Use the Vote NV Dems’ locate tool to find your nearest and required voting place.

You can vote absentee!

Voters can vote absentee if their ballot is received by November 6 at 7pm OR they surrender ballot and vote at a polling location.

NOTE: If you turn in your absentee ballot, you will have to show identification. If you don’t have your ballot you will also have to sign an affirmation.

  • Requests for an absentee ballot must be received by October 30 at 5pm. You can find the Absentee Ballot Form here  to request.

If you live in Clark or Washoe County, you might be able to get a ride to the polls!

If you live in Clark or Washoe County, one of our volunteers may be able to drive you to your polling place during Early Vote and Election Day! We can’t promise a ride, but we will do our best. Sign up to arrange a ride to your polling place in Clark County through the Clark County Democrats’ ride to the polls request page. . If you need a ride to your polling place in Washoe County, please call: 775-323-8683 (VOTE).

Also, rideshare company Lyft is offering reduced or free rides to the polls! For more information, see the link Lyft Blog.

Most voters do not need to take an ID with them to the polls, but there are exceptions!

The exceptions are:

  • First-time voters, who did not provide valid identification on their registration form will be asked for identification at the polling place.  
  • When the voter’s signature does not match the one on file in the electronic poll book.
  • Absentee voters wishing to vote in person and surrender their absentee ballot.

Acceptable Forms of ID

If a voter is asked for ID (for one of the three scenarios above) the following are acceptable forms of ID:

  • Current Nevada driver’s license or identification (within 30 days after expiration is acceptable);
  • Student ID (with photo);
  • U.S. Passport;
  • Military identification (with photo);
  • Tribal identification (with photo);
  • Government Agency-issued employment ID (with photo);
  • Insurance plan ID (with photo).

If you have any questions about whether you have an ID that will qualify, you can call our voter hotline at (888) 525-8683 (VOTE) for assistance.

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