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Election Day is June 9th!

Nevada’s primary is June 9, 2020. It includes races for important offices like Congressional representatives, Judges, State Legislature representatives, and County officials.

Have questions? Call our Voter Hotline at 888-525-VOTE (8683).

Who is eligible to vote? 

Anyone who is a citizen of the United States; will be at least 18 years old by this election; and has continuously resided within the county since May 10 and within the precinct since May 30. 

Will there be mail-in voting? 

Yes. All active registered voters in Nevada will automatically be mailed an absentee ballot for the primary election. You should be able to see on your county elections website whether you are active. If you are unsure, you should confirm your registration details and status on your county’s elections department website. In Clark County, all active and inactive voters will be mailed an absentee ballot.

When will I get my absentee ballot?

Ballots will generally be mailed out in early May. If you have not gotten your ballot by May 18, 2020, contact your local elections department.  If you register after May 12, call your local elections department if you have not received your ballot within a week. (Phone numbers below!)

How do I return my absentee ballot? 

The county will send your ballot with a postage-prepaid envelope. You must either postmark your ballot by Election Day (put it in the mailbox before the mail is picked up that day); put it in a drop-box by Election Day; or drop it off at the in-person voting location during Early Vote or Election Day.

When is my ballot due? 

Your absentee ballot must either be postmarked by Election Day, June 9th (you must have dropped it in the mailbox before that day’s pick-up), or you must take it to a drop-off site by the close of polls on Election Day.

What if my ballot is rejected?

If your ballot is rejected, the county elections office will contact you, and you will have seven days from Election Day to correct the issue. This is why it is really important that you update your registration with your phone number and/or email by May 12, 2020, so that the elections officials can reach you. Otherwise, the Elections Department can only notify you by mail. You can update your information at www.RegisterToVoteNV.gov, or you can contact your local elections department. This is also why it is important to mail in your ballot early, so there is time to fix any issue!

What are some reasons my ballot might be rejected?

  • If you forgot to sign your ballot envelope.
  • If the signature on your ballot envelope did not match the signature on file with the elections department.
  • If you signed your name on the ballot itself (only sign the envelope!)
  • If you did not keep your ballot package together.  For instance, if a wife put her ballot inside her husband’s return envelope.

Will there be opportunities to vote in person? 

Yes, but they will be “extremely limited.” There will be at least one voting site per county for Early Vote and Election Day.

Early Voting will run from May 23 – June 5. 

What if I need my ballot in a non-English language? 

When you register to vote, you can request materials in one of the supported languages. In Washoe County, all ballots will automatically be bilingual English-Spanish ballots. In Clark County, if you have not already requested a ballot in Spanish or Tagalog as part of your voter registration, you can call your local elections department to make that request. 

Voter Registration Dates

  • May 12: Deadline to postmark a paper voter registration form or to hand it to/ email it to your county’s election official (available method varies by county).
    • Note: This is the latest to register if you do not have a Nevada Driver’s License or Nevada ID card.
  • May 21: Deadline to register online and still receive an absentee ballot
  • May 23 – June 5; June 9: Same-day registration at limited in-person voting sites.

ID Requirements for Same-Day Registrants  

If you register after May 21, you must show a current and valid Nevada Driver’s License or ID with your current residence.  If that ID does not have your current address, you must prove your residency with a military identification card; a utility bill; a bank or credit union statement; a paycheck; an income tax return; a statement concerning the mortgage, rental, or lease of a residence; a motor vehicle registration; a property tax statement; or any other document issued by a governmental agency.

How can I check my voter registration?

Where can I register to vote?

  • If you have a Nevada Driver’s License or State ID Card:  Go to  www.RegisterToVoteNV.gov and you can do it all online
  • If you do not have a Nevada Driver’s License or State ID Card:
    • If you have a printer, envelope, and stamp:  Get the form at https://www.nvsos.gov/SOSVoterRegForm/, fill it out, and mail it to your County’s Registrar (keeping one copy as a receipt)
    • In Washoe County: You can email it to the Registrar at [email protected] 
    • If you do not have a printer:  Go to https://register2vote.org/ and fill out the online form.  The nonprofit will send you a stamped envelope with your voter registration.  Sign it and drop it in the mail.

Where can I update my voter registration information?

  • If you do not have a NV Driver’s License/ State ID and you live in Clark County:
  • Note:  If you moved counties (rather than within the same County), you need to reregister. 

Important contacts

  • Clark County Elections Department: (702) 455-8683
  • Washoe County Elections Department: (775) 328-3670
  • Nevada State Democratic Party Voter Protection Hotline: (888) 525-VOTE (8683)
  • Nevada State Democratic Party Voter Protection Email: [email protected]

Have questions?

If you have any questions about voting or problems while voting, call our Voter Hotline at 888-525-VOTE (8683).


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