#NVLeg Watch: Republicans Cater to Gun Lobby & MAGA Base As Dems Stand with Law Enforcement

As we head into the last half of the legislative session, we’re bringing you #NVLeg Watch every Friday to highlight the latest from Carson City. This week, Democrats prioritized Nevadans’ safety and doubled down on protecting reproductive rights, while Republicans refused to stand with state law enforcement and continued to push base election conspiracies. Keep reading for all the highlights!

Dems Deliver

Senate Democrats kicked off the week by standing with state workers and law enforcement, voting to raise their pay and give arbitration awards to state police.

The Nevada Independent: Senate splits on partisan lines over state worker pay bill

Then, as the most common method of abortion – which has been safe and FDA-approved for over 20 years – went under attack by MAGA Republicans in their quest to ban abortion nationwide, Nevada Dems are working to protect access to contraception and reproductive rights.

The Nevada Independent: Legislators want to double down on contraception access after court rulings

Yesterday, Assembly Democrats continued to work toward preventing gun violence in Nevada, advancing legislation supported by a majority of Nevadans to make families safer.

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Committees OK bills on guns, drugs

MAGA Moments

Remaining firmly in the grasp of the gun lobby, Assembly Republicans didn’t even wait to hear discussion on gun safety bills before vowing to oppose them. And while Joe Lombardo refuses to tell Nevadans whether or not he supports the legislation, he showed exactly where he stands by touring a firearm manufacturer just days after the Nashville shooting.

Nevada Current: “Before a word of testimony had been uttered Thursday on three bills championed by Democrats and intended to put a dent in gun violence, Assembly Republicans proclaimed in a news release they’ll unanimously reject two Assembly measures…”

After Senate Republicans turned their back on law enforcement and voted against giving them a pay raise, Governor Lombardo was silent, despite promising on the campaign trail an immediate raise for state police.

Nevada Independent: “A spokesperson for the governor declined to comment on the bill and whether the governor would support providing the arbitration pay to members of the NPU and AFSCME.”

Minority Leader Seevers-Gansert, who previously introduced a bill creating a unit to investigate election fraud, is still peddling baseless election conspiracies just to cater to the MAGA base, this time voting to protect extreme Republicans who undermine our free and fair elections.

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Bid to criminalize fake elector schemes moves forward in state Senate

Stay tuned for more updates next week!



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