Trump’s Cruel Immigration Policies Could Rip Nevada Families Apart, Stoke Division

As Donald Trump continues to campaign on his inhumane, out-of-touch immigration policies, it’s abundantly clear that another Trump term would fuel fear and endanger Nevada communities – while offering no real solutions to make Nevadans safer. With Nevada’s Latino community making up over 30% of the population and our state being home to over 11,000 DREAMers and more than 6,000 temporary protected status recipients – many of whom contribute to Nevada’s workforce and union population – Trump is proving once again that he is far too extreme and dangerous for Nevada families.

Here’s a look at Trump’s divisive, dangerous immigration plans:

  • Trump defended his administration’s cruel policy of ripping children away from their parents at the border and hasn’t ruled out implementing this approach again.
  • He has committed to bringing back his travel ban “even bigger than before and much stronger than before,” which includes barring refugees from Gaza from entering the United States.
  • Trump wants to divert funding for the military budget in order to pay for his extreme immigration policies, including detention camps that could speed up mass deportations. Reminder: He made sure that billions of dollars in military funding were used to advance his agenda.
  • The Supreme Court already stopped him once, but Trump would once again attempt to end DACA and put the lives of thousands of Nevada DREAMers in jeopardy.



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