BREAKING: Sam Brown Managed Texas Congressional Campaign for “100% Pro Life, No Exceptions” Candidate – and Tried to Hide it from Nevada Voters

Nevada Current: Brown recruited, managed campaign for extreme anti-abortion candidate in Texas

A breaking report from the Nevada Current exposed MAGA extremist Sam Brown for trying to hide his role as campaign manager for a radical anti-abortion congressional candidate in Texas.

In 2018, Brown “personally recruited” and managed the campaign of a far-right candidate who bragged about being “100% pro-life, no exceptions” and repeatedly supported anti-abortion laws without exceptions for rape or incest. He even called for “the complete repeal of the Affordable Care Act” and to privatize Social Security.

This is the latest in a long line of desperate attempts by Brown to conceal his extreme anti-abortion positions – including failing to disclose his role as the local president and chairman of an extreme anti-abortion group, trying to cover up his attendance at an anti-abortion gala, and scrubbing his campaign website of his extreme anti-abortion views.

Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson Katharine Kurz

“Sam Brown will say or do anything to hide his extreme anti-abortion record that he has made clear over the past decade in statements, leadership positions, questionnaires, and now with his role as the campaign manager of a ‘100% Pro Life, no exceptions’ congressional candidate in Texas. Nevadans know they cannot trust Sam Brown to tell the truth about his anti-abortion record, just like they cannot trust him to protect reproductive freedom in the Senate.” 

Nevada Current: Brown recruited, managed campaign for extreme anti-abortion candidate in Texas

April Corbin Girnus

June 20, 2024

Key points:

  • Sam Brown, the Republican nominee challenging Democratic Sen. Jacky Rosen this year, personally recruited and managed the campaign for a congressional candidate in Texas who believed abortion bans should have no exceptions, the Current has learned.
  • In 2018, veteran and small business owner Sam Deen ran for Texas’s 5th Congressional District, coming in third out of eight in the Republican primary. Deen on social media said Brown, who he called a “dear friend and war hero,” personally asked him to run. Brown confirmed that story in his own social media posts, including in a video on Election Day where he encouraged voters in the district to head to the polls.
  • Deen described his political position as “100% Pro Life, no exceptions” on social media. He also called for the complete repeal of the Affordable Care Act, the privatization of Social Security, and said the 2015 U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage had “no real effect other than political grandstanding.”
  • While campaigning, Deen repeatedly referred to Brown as his campaign manager, adding that the pair were West Point and Ranger School classmates. Many posts used an image of Deen and Brown, whose face is scarred from combat injuries received in 2008 in Afghanistan, and solicited donations, asking followers to “stand with us.”
  • Brown’s campaign did not respond to the Current’s request for comment on his professional relationship with Deen.
  • The pair appear to have remained close even after Brown moved to Nevada in 2018. Deen solicited donations for the Sam Brown for Nevada Exploratory Committee prior to Brown officially entering the 2022 Nevada Senate race against Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto. 
  • On his campaign website, Brown describes himself as “pro-life” and states he “will oppose any bill that pushes for federal funding of abortion, late term abortions, or abortion without parental notification” and “will support federal judges who understand the importance of protecting life.”
  • In a 2022 debate with Laxalt he suggested he was open to it, saying he would “want to see that specific language.”
  • As previously reported by The Nevada Independent, when Brown was a Texas statehouse candidate in 2014, he expressed support for a proposed 20-week abortion ban there. Abortion was not settled law for that state at that time.
  • Abortion was also not a settled issue in Texas in 2018 when Brown managed Deen’s campaign.
  • As previously reported by the Current, Brown and his wife Amy quietly attended an anti-abortion gala in September 2023. He also previously held a position with the Nevada Faith and Freedom Coalition, the state arm of a national organization backing extreme abortion bans.
  • Amy Brown earlier this year spoke to NBC News about getting an abortion in 2008. It was believed to be the first time she’d spoken publicly about her experience, but reporting by Jezebel this week uncovered that Amy Brown wrote about the experience on a church blog and spoke about it in a political ad in 2014.
  • In that video, for Red State Woman, Amy Brown praised the banning of “late-term abortions” — calling it “a step in the right direction” — and criticized Democrat Wendy Davis, then a Texas state senator running for governor against Republican Greg Abbott. Davis had gained national notoriety the year earlier after her hours-long filibuster to block a bill that would have severely restricted abortion.



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