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Working to Turn Nevada Blue


Alana Mounce, Executive Director
Shelby Wiltz, Caucus Director
Molly Forgey, Communications Director
Ethan House, Research Director
Tyler Langdon, Finance Director
Sabrina Maki, Party Operations Director
Emma Kraus, Digital Director
Nico Starr, Operations & Logistics Director
Freddy Wong, Field Director
Alex Songer, Caucus Projects Manager
Blanca Ortiz, Conventions Manager
Joey Reid, Deputy Field Director
Kian Sadjadi, Regional Field Director
Jake Fineman, Regional Field Director 
Jordy Barry, Digital Organizer
Yesenia Moya Garay, Field Organizer
Mac McMurphy, Field Organizer
Ryan Leonard, Field Organizer

Ashley Everett, Field Organizer

Brendan Parker, Field Organizer

Tanner Hale, Field Organizer

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