Broken Record Brown: Sam Brown Continues Trying to Cover up Anti-Abortion Record, Hiding His Opposition to Abortion Rights Amendment in Nevada

New reporting from the Nevada Current examines Brown “gaslighting” Nevada voters over his views on abortion rights

Sam ‘Broken Record’ Brown is once again trying to cover up his extreme anti-abortion record from Nevadans, all while refusing to back Nevada’s abortion rights referendum.

New reporting from the Nevada Current details how Brown is being called out for claiming that overturning Roe v. Wade somehow “strengthened” abortion protections in Nevada and for “gaslighting voters” as he tries to deflect from his decade-long anti-abortion record.

Nevada Current: Brown mum on position on Nevada abortion rights amendment

Dana Gentry

July 2, 2024

Key points:

  • … the Republican challenger to Democratic Sen. Jacky Rosen won’t say how he will vote in November on a very real abortion measure on Nevada’s ballot.
  • If the ballot question passes in consecutive elections in 2024 and 2026, abortion rights that mirror those guaranteed by Roe v. Wade for nearly half a century would be enshrined in the state constitution.
  • But Brown is unwilling so far to let the people know where he stands on Nevada’s ballot question.
  • “Yeah, I’ll be one of approximately one and a half million voters at that point in time,” Brown told a Reno TV station in May when asked how he’ll vote. 
  • Brown’s campaign spokeswoman has ignored requests to respond to the Current’s questions on the Nevada measure.
  • In his op-ed, Brown suggests the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which leaves the abortion issue to states, “strengthened Nevada’s protections for abortion.”
  • The Dobbs decision has resulted in a patchwork of state abortion laws, some of which restrict abortion to the weeks before most women know they are pregnant. It has forced women from states such as Texas, where Brown worked to pass a restrictive abortion law, to seek medical care in other states, often under excruciating circumstances such as knowing a pregnancy is not viable. 
  • Women who seek to escape state restrictions by traveling to states such as Nevada, where abortion remains legal under state law, are being monitored.
  • Critics contend Brown, by focusing on his pledge not to support a federal ban, is gaslighting voters in Nevada.



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