GOP Field Continues to Slam Sam Brown Over Shady PAC 

It’s been nearly three months since CNN uncovered that Mitch McConnell’s handpicked candidate Sam Brown appears to have used his PAC to swindle grassroots Republican donors so he could pay off his own campaign debts — and the GOP field is continuing to slam Brown over his shady dealings. 

Here’s a quick recap of the GOP in-fighting over Brown’s scam PAC in the consistently messy and crowded Senate primary: 

  • Former Trump Ambassador Jeff Gunter attacked “Scam Brown” for losing “every race he’s ever run” and being “accused of breaking campaign finance laws to enrich himself.” 
  • Tony Grady has repeatedly slammed Brown for refusing to address his shady PAC scandal — noting that Nevada voters have “already proven that they don’t want him in the Senate.”
  • Gunter also sent an email to GOP donors highlighting Brown’s refusal to endorse Trump in 2024 (despite embracing Trump just last year) and calling Brown a “ loser who started his career in Texas and uses your donations to still attend fancy country clubs there.”

Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson Johanna Warshaw
“All the help from Mitch McConnell and MAGA tech billionaires in the world can’t change the fact that Sam Brown was caught using his scam PAC to swindle grassroots Republican donors for his own benefit. It’s no wonder he’s stuck in one of the messiest and most crowded GOP primaries in the country that will leave any eventual nominee damaged and unpalatable to Nevada voters.”


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