ICYMI: NV Sen Primary to Get Even Messier With Former Trump Ambassador Preparing to Enter the Race

NBC News: Former Trump appointee Jeffrey Ross Gunter readies Nevada Senate launch

The already crowded GOP field in Nevada is set to get even messier with former Trump Ambassador Jeffrey Ross Gunter officially launching his Senate bid in early August, according to NBC News.

In case you missed it…

NBC News: Former Trump appointee Jeffrey Ross Gunter readies Nevada Senate launch
By Vaughn Hillyard
July 26, 2023

  • Former Ambassador Jeffrey Ross Gunter, a Republican, intends to announce a run for Senate in Nevada in early August, a source familiar with his plans tells NBC News.
  • Gunter, a dermatologist and GOP donor, will square off in the Republican primary with Sam Brown, a retired Army captain, and Jim Marchant, the GOP’s 2022 candidate for secretary of state who propagated election conspiracy theories. 
  • Gunter served as then-President Donald Trump’s ambassador to Iceland, and he attended Trump’s June speech in Bedminster, New Jersey, following Trump’s indictment by the special counsel on charges that he mishandled classified documents.


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