NV Dems Statement on Gov. Lombardo Vetoing Bill Criminalizing Fake Electors

In response to Governor Lombardo vetoing SB133, a bill to criminalize those who participate in fake elector schemes, Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson Mallory Payne released the following statement:

“Governor Lombardo will do anything to protect election deniers and fake electors because for him, scoring political points with his base is always more important than upholding democracy or the rule of law. For years, Lombardo hasn’t hesitated to stand with the most extreme members of his party who have spread conspiracy theories that led to a deadly insurrection. There’s no question public safety and law enforcement are the furthest thing from Lombardo’s priorities.”

Senate Bill 133 is in response to Nevada Republicans submitting fraudulent election certification documents to the federal government, attempting to overturn the 2020 election for Donald Trump, and uplifting baseless claims of voter fraud that ultimately led to the violent January 6th insurrection. Lombardo is close with multiple fake electors, including NV GOP Chairman Michael McDonald and Clark County GOP Chairman Jesse Law.



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