NV Dems Statement on Vivek Ramaswamy Campaigning with Fake Elector in Las Vegas

Ahead of Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s town hall in Henderson today, NV Dems Chairwoman Daniele Monroe-Moreno released the following statement:

“Vivek Ramaswamy cozying up to a fake elector who tried to overturn Nevada’s 2020 election results is all the proof Nevadans need to see just how extreme he is. But the evidence doesn’t stop there – beyond undermining our democracy and campaigning with election deniers, Ramaswamy supports banning abortion, cutting Social Security and Medicare, and restricting access to the ballot box. 

“While Ramaswamy promises to take Donald Trump’s MAGA agenda ‘even further,’ someone should probably inform him that Nevadans have rejected that agenda twice.”

Take a look at Ramaswamy’s extreme agenda:

  • Ramaswamy has downplayed Trump’s role in the January 6 insurrection, saying it’s “false and…a mistake to blame Jan. 6 on Donald Trump.” Now, he’s campaigning with fake elector and Trump-endorsed Clark County GOP Chair Jesse Law – and he even wants to roll back the right to vote for Americans under 25.
  • He supports banning abortion before many women even know they’re pregnant and called Ron DeSantis’ cruel abortion ban “reasonable.” The overwhelming majority of Nevadans support the right to choose.
  • While Nevada is increasingly impacted by extreme weather like drought, wildfires, and record temperatures, he denounced climate activism as a secular “religion.”
  • Ramaswamy said he would end America’s support for Ukraine and reward Putin for invading Ukraine.
  • Ramaswamy pledged to get rid of the Department of Education and shut down federal law enforcement like the FBI.



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