“Primary Brawl”: Nevada Senate Race Gets Even Messier as Marchant, Brown Duke it Out for GOP Nomination

The race for Nevada Senate is turning into an all out “primary brawl” as former Assemblyman Jim Marchant wasted no time attacking Mitch McConnell recruit Sam Brown’s campaign launch yesterday.

What to know about Nevada Republicans’ messy race to the right:

  • In response to Brown’s entrance into the race, Marchant’s campaign told Politico“Jim Marchant has never lost a primary, outspent every time. Sam Brown has never won a primary despite his attempts in multiple states.”
  • Marchant’s team also attacked Brown for being the GOP establishment’s hand-picked candidate, despite his record of losing every GOP primary he’s ever run in.
  • Nevada Republicans have openly voiced their concerns about Brown’s candidacy, with one GOP strategist saying Brown is “just not the guy” and that they “suspect there to be other people that are not known that will get in and be real players.”


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