REMINDER: While Las Vegas Experiences Record Heat, Joe Lombardo Abandoned the State’s Climate Action Plan

While Las Vegas is experiencing record high temperatures, this serves as a reminder that Joe Lombardo withdrew Nevada from the U.S. Climate Alliance, a coalition of governors committed to combating climate change, and he removed Nevada’s climate action plan without offering a replacement plan of his own.

Northern Nevada is also coping with record heat as Reno is once again named the fastest warming city in America. Despite Nevada being home to two of the fastest-warming cities in the country and Nevadans experiencing some of the worst effects of rampant wildfires and extreme heat, Lombardo continues to be unserious about the issue of climate change. 

“This record-breaking heatwave underscores the urgent need for proactive climate action,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Communications Director Tai Sims. “Joe Lombardo ending the state’s climate action plan without a viable alternative is a step in the wrong direction. Lombardo and the GOP are once again ignoring Nevadans and abandoning their commitment to tackling climate change and protecting our communities.”



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