Sam Brown’s Extreme MAGA Agenda: Raise Costs on Nevadans and Slash Programs Seniors Have Paid Into

Brown plans to force drastic cuts to programs like Social Security and Medicare

This week, we’re highlighting how Sam Brown’s extreme MAGA agenda puts him wildly out of step with Nevadans. Brown’s toxic plans would raise costs on Nevadans and force massive cuts to vital programs like Social Security and Medicare that seniors rely on and have earned through a lifetime of hard work. 

  • Brown was caught on tape praising Senator Rick Scott’s plan to phase out Social Security and Medicare in five years, calling it a “roadmap for a better America.” 
  • Brown supports extreme Republican plans to cut trillions of dollars from federal funding, which are “designed to cut funding or end entirely social programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security” that Nevadans rely on.
  • Brown plans to make “painful” cuts to all federal departments and agencies that have state-level counterparts, including the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Education, forcing massive cuts to Nevada schools and ending the enforcement of the Clean Air and Water Acts. 
  • Brown called for a major, unprecedented spike in federal interest rates, which economists argue would cause a sharp recession and make the affordable housing crisis in Nevada even worse. 

Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson Katharine Kurz 

“MAGA extremist Sam Brown’s devastating plan to raise costs for Nevadans and slash programs that seniors have already paid into their whole lives proves just how deeply out of step he is with Nevadans. Brown’s calls for trillions of dollars worth of ‘painful’ cuts to federal programs like Social Security and Medicare is not just bad policy, it hurts Nevada’s hardworking families.” 



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