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FACT CHECK: Rhetoric vs. Reality in Congressman Heck’s Announcement Video

Posted in Press | 07/06/15

Las Vegas, NV – This morning, Congressman Heck announced his candidacy for United States Senate on a right wing radio show. Before going on the show, Heck’s campaign released a web video that was heavy on rhetoric and low on…

MEMO: Congressman Heck: Can he really sell to all of Nevada?

Posted in Press | 07/06/15

As Congressman Heck announces his campaign for United States Senate today, here are a few important facts you probably won’t hear from the Washington Republicans who are spinning Heck’s candidacy as the best thing since Yucca Mounta

Joe Heck Votes Against Relief for Workers Who Lose Their Jobs Because of His Secret Trade Deal

Posted in Press | 06/25/15

Las Vegas, NV – Today, Rep. Joe Heck voted against Trade Adjustment Assistance, legislation which would provide relief to workers who lose their jobs because of the type of secret trade deals Heck has voted to advanc

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