2024 Nevada Delegate Selection Plan

The 2024 Nevada State Democratic Party Delegate Selection Plan lays out the rules and procedures for the allocation and election of delegates to the 2024 Democratic National Convention. The plan also includes details about delegation representation goals, as well as education and outreach efforts to inform the public about the process. This plan was passed by the Nevada State Democratic Party Central Committee on June 10, 2023 and subsequently passed with conditional approval by the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee on June 16th, 2023.

As we enter the planning and implementation phase for the Nevada State Democratic Party Delegate Selection Plan, more information will become available on this page.

According to the NSDP 2024 Delegate Selection Plan, Democratic candidates for President must file a designated representative for their campaigns no later than October 16 at 5pm. This representative will be considered authorized to communicate with the state party on behalf of the campaign as it relates to the delegate selection process. Candidates must also provide a copy of their Declaration of Candidacy submitted to the Nevada Secretary of State. The form can be obtained here.


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