3 Questions Ron DeSantis Must Answer in Nevada This Weekend

As Ron DeSantis brings his floundering campaign to Nevada to headline Adam Laxalt’s annual Basque Fry in Gardnerville, NV this weekend, he owes Nevadans some explanations for his MAGA record that’s far too extreme for the Silver State:

  1. DeSantis banned abortion before many women even know they’re pregnant in Florida and has said there is a “role for both the federal and the states” in banning abortion, which would nullify state protections like Nevada’s. Would he sign a national abortion ban if it hits his desk as president?
  1. DeSantis repeatedly supported efforts to turn Nevada into a nuclear waste dump while in Congress. Would he sign legislation as president to store nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain?
  1. DeSantis tapped his longtime friend Adam Laxalt, AKA the “face of the Big Lie in Nevada,” to run his PAC. Does DeSantis agree with Laxalt’s false claims that the 2020 election was rigged?
  1. The Republican Study Committee just released their budget for FY 2024, which would repeal Medicare’s ability to lower drug prices, raise health care costs by slashing ACA benefits and ending Medicare as we know it, and implement a federal abortion ban that could pave the way for banning forms of birth control. Ron DeSantis previously supported RSC budgets – would DeSantis sign this budget if it came to his desk?



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