BREAKING: Lombardo-Backed Clark County GOP Chair Arrested on Suspicion of Domestic Battery Charges

A new report found that Joe Lombardo’s hand-picked Clark County GOP Chair, Jesse Law, was arrested last weekend on charges of suspicion of domestic violence. Lombardo’s endorsed candidates aren’t new to felony indictments. His “longtime friend” NV GOP Chair Michael McDonald and fellow fake elector Jesse Law were indicted by a grand jury for attempts to steal Nevada’s electoral votes. 

This comes just days after Joe Lombardo’s endorsed candidate for State Senate District 19, John Ellison – who also has a penchant for violence – made racist remarks referring to his former employees as “colored people” during an endorsement interview with Veterans in Politics.

“It’s no shock that Joe Lombardo, who refuses to protect the rights of women, is entangled with a man who was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence charges,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Daniele Monroe-Moreno. “Lombardo has been radio silent on his hand-picked candidates’ remarks and behavior over the past week. He must either condemn the behavior of his endorsed candidates or explain to Nevadans why he won’t.” 



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