BREAKING: Messy NV Senate GOP Primary Escalates as Gunter Launches $3.3 Million Ad Campaign

Gunter mounts “major challenge” to Brown as he “shakes up” the primary and touts his  110% support for Trump’s MAGA agenda 

Today, in a “major challenge” to Sam Brown, former Trump Ambassador Jeff Gunter  launched a multi-million dollar ad campaign across Nevada ahead of the June 11 GOP primary. 

Gunter’s announcement will have big implications for the primary, and conservative outlets nationally are picking up on this. Read more:

Gunter has repeatedly attacked Brown for being a “Mitch McConnell puppet” who is backed by the D.C. swamp and called out Brown for siding with McConnell over Trump.

Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson Katharine Kurz

“The Nevada GOP Senate primary is quickly escalating into a chaotic, damaging, and expensive race to the right. As every Republican in the field fights to prove their unwavering allegiance to Donald Trump and his toxic MAGA agenda, these deeply flawed candidates are becoming even more out of step with Nevada voters.”



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