BREAKING: Nevada Republicans Still Pushing Baseless Election Conspiracies for Political Gain

Today, Senate Minority Leader Heidi Seevers Gansert introduced legislation to create a unit for investigating voter fraud claims – despite there being no evidence of widespread fraud in Nevada’s elections. While legislative Democrats work to protect and expand voting rights, Nevada Republicans continue to prioritize catering to their MAGA base by casting doubt on the security of our elections.

“Democratic leadership in Nevada has worked tirelessly to make our state’s election system secure and accessible, but Republicans are committed to undermining trust in our elections and our democracy for the sole purpose of scoring political points with far-right MAGA extremists,” said NV Dems Chair Daniele Monroe-Moreno. “It is incumbent on top Republicans in our state, including Governor Lombardo, to disavow these kinds of bills that breathe life into false and dangerous conspiracies about the integrity of Nevada elections.”


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