Get the Facts: Sam Brown’s Real Record Opposing Abortion Access

While Sam Brown tries desperately to cover up his extreme anti-abortion agenda, here are the facts on his long record of supporting extreme policies restricting reproductive freedom that he has repeatedly made clear in statements, campaign questionnaires, and interviews over the past decade.

Brown’s real record includes strongly supporting overturning Roe v. Wadestating that he believes abortion should be banned even in cases of rape or incest, backing a radical Texas abortion ban without exceptions for rape or incest, and being the state leader of an anti-choice organization that supported Texas’ six-week abortion ban. 

Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson Katharine Kurz:

“By this point, it should be obvious Sam Brown will say or do anything to get elected, even if that means rewriting his toxic, anti-choice history. No matter what Brown says now, his actions and words make it clear: Brown cannot be trusted to stand up for Nevadans’ reproductive rights in the Senate.”

Get the facts on Brown’s extreme, decade-long anti-abortion record:

  • In 2022, Brown completed a survey saying he does not support a woman’s right to choose, not even in cases of rape or incest. According to the website hosting the questionnaire, “Responses are entered electronically by the candidate and are listed verbatim.” 


  • From Nov. 2022 through Oct. 2023, Brown served as president and chairman of the Nevada Faith and Freedom Coalition, an official “spin-off” of the national anti-choice organization that has backed a nationwide abortion ban and called Roe v. Wade a “moral atrocity.” The group also praised Texas’ six-week abortion ban that outlaws the procedure before many women even know they are pregnant. Leadership of the national Faith & Freedom Coalition embraced Brown’s senior role in their organization. 

  • While running for a seat in the Texas House in 2014, Brown endorsed the state’s extreme ban without exceptions for rape or incest. The Texas abortion ban law was considered one of the “toughest restrictions in the country,” and Brown even described his views opposing abortion rights as “non-negotiable.” Brown’s comments were captured on video, and he made no effort to criticize the bill’s lack of exceptions for rape or incest. 
  • Brown strongly supported overturning Roe v. Wade and considered it a litmus test for potential Supreme Court Justices. He was caught on tape saying that he “would not vote for someone who would continue to support Roe v. Wade” and stated that he will only support Justices who “understand the importance of protecting Life.”

  • When asked directly whether he would support federal restrictions on abortion and if he would support any exceptions to banning abortion last cycle, Brown responded: “I always will stand on the side of protecting life.”



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