ICYMI: VP Harris Praises NV Democrats for Protecting Abortion Rights

On the heels of state Senate Democrats unanimously passing SJR7 to give voters the ability to enshrine abortion protections in the state Constitution, Vice President Harris stopped in Reno to discuss the Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts to protect reproductive freedom and applaud Nevada Democrats’ progress on the issue.

Meanwhile, every Republican in the State Senate voted against SJR7, siding with their anti-choice base over the majority of Nevadans who support the right to choose. On the campaign trail, Governor Lombardo downplayed his anti-choice positions by saying the “issue was and should be decided by Nevada voters, and moving forward, I trust them to make the best decision for our state.” But now that the election is over, he’s conveniently dodging questions about where he stands on the ballot measure…

Read more below about Democrats’ efforts to strengthen reproductive rights despite GOP opposition.

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Harris praises Nevada for protecting abortion rights

  • Vice President Kamala Harris applauded Nevada legislative leaders for their efforts to protect abortion rights Tuesday during a visit to Reno.
  • Just one day after state senators voted to approve a resolution to enshrine abortion rights in the state Constitution, Harris praised Nevada’s female majority Legislature for the move.
  • The rulings come after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June and gave individual states the power to regulate abortion. Since then, more than a dozen states have banned or severely limited access to abortion. Harris slammed the leaders in those states for limiting access to reproductive care.
  • “We predicted it might happen and it has,” she said. “Laws are being proposed around our country by extremist so-called leaders that would criminalize health care providers, literally providing for jail time for health care providers. Laws that would punish women. Laws that don’t even make an exception for the violence and violation of raping and incest.”
  • On Monday, lawmakers in the state Senate voted on party lines to approve Senate Joint Resolution 7, a resolution that would guarantee an individual’s right to an abortion and would block the state from prosecuting an individual for exercising their right to reproductive freedom.
  • Lawmakers are also considering Senate Bill 131, a bill that would codify former Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak’s executive order protecting out of state patients seeking abortions from prosecution by other states where the procedure is illegal. The state legislature is also considering Assembly Bill 383, which would a establish the right to birth control.

AP: Harris applauds Nevada abortion rights effort at Reno forum

  • Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday applauded efforts under way in Nevada to enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution, saying the move stands in stark contrast to other states where such rights are under assault.
  • “What you are doing at the statewide level is so important,” she said during a forum on the University of Nevada, Reno, campus. 
  • Harris said she met Tuesday with several state lawmakers who supported a resolution in the state Senate this week to amend Nevada’s constitution to include abortion rights up to 24 weeks.
  • “Nevada is showing the way,” Harris said Tuesday in Reno. “It’s important because it is not only about the protection of the rights of the people of this state, but it is an example that these things can be done and it’s the right thing to do,” she said.
  • The Nevada state Senate voted 13-8 along party lines Monday to send the resolution to the Assembly that would enshrine reproductive rights including not only abortion, but also other reproductive procedures including postpartum and prenatal care. 

KOLO: V.P. Harris tells crowd to fight for liberty and reproductive freedom

  • With Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve and actress Rosario Dawson on stage at Nightingale Concert Hall, Nevada’s female legislative leadership was introduced to a thunderous applause. The applause was in part to news these same lawmakers are spearheading an effort to place reproductive rights in our state’s constitution.
  • SJR 7 passed a legislative hurdle just yesterday.
  • And that was the essence of Harris’ message today at UNR. Encouraging the crowd of 500, consisting of students, faculty, and those interested in the fight for reproductive freedom. Harris told the crowd it was about liberty, and the right to self-determination.
  • Personal decisions like these she says should not be left up to politicians.
  • “We are counting on these students to lead in every way, starting now,” she said. “And obviously you made that decision, that is why you are here.”

The Nevada Independent: Kamala Harris visits UNR, talks reproductive health with Mayor Hillary Schieve

  • Harris called the mifepristone case a “political attack on our health care system and the integrity of that system.” She also said President Joe Biden’s administration is working with the Department of Health and Human Services to add more protections for those seeking abortions.
  • Democratic lawmakers — many in attendance at the event — are now trying to enshrine abortion access into the Nevada Constitution with SJR7, a move praised by Harris. She also called for similar policies within federal law.
  • Harris, Schieve and Dawson encouraged young people to get involved in politics not just at a federal, but state and local level as well, referencing movements already happening among young people for reproductive health care rights and stricter gun laws.
  • Harris closed the discussion by encouraging Nevada politicians to continue their work in preserving reproductive health care rights.



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