Las Vegas Sun: Editorial: Governor chooses criminals over the safety of everyday Nevadans 

The Las Vegas Sun Editorial Board is slamming Governor Lombardo for vetoing three common sense gun safety bills that are overwhelmingly supported by Nevadans. After “talk[ing] a big game about protecting our communities,” Lombardo has shown he’d rather put the extreme gun lobby over Nevadans’ safety.

Read the scathing editorial below.

Las Vegas Sun: Editorial: Governor chooses criminals over the safety of everyday Nevadans

May 18, 2023

Key Points: 

  • With a single stroke of a pen, Gov. Joe Lombardo completed his transformation from a once moderate law enforcement officer committed to protecting the public through reasonable gun regulations to a political opportunist committed to serving his own aspirations.
  • All three bills are reasonable, limited and commonsense safety measures that respond directly to what law enforcement is telling us are threats to the safety of our schools, streets and communities. Clearly, the opportunity to score political points with the far-right was more important to Lombardo than the safety of Nevadans.
  • Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised. This is the same governor who told bald-faced lies to the family members of victims of the Oct. 1 massacre. He told them he was grieving with them and would support reasonable gun control measures, only to turn his back once the polling numbers showed that his empathy harmed his electability among extremists.
  • Lombardo should be ashamed of himself. He had a rare opportunity to put politics aside and demonstrate bipartisan compromise and leadership in keeping our communities safe. Instead, after dedicating much of his professional life to protecting Clark County’s residents from criminals, Lombardo sided with terrorists, felons, school shooters, domestic abusers, convicted hate criminals and other violent extremists.
  • While we pray that the violence in our streets comes to a swift end, we implore Nevadans to remember that every shooting from today onward that involves an assault weapon wielded by an 18-to-20-year-old, a ghost gun or a perpetrator previously convicted of a hate crime, might have been prevented if Lombardo had chosen his duty over his pursuit of power.
  • Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Governor, that nothing happens from this day forward that will put blood on your hands.

Read the full editorial here.



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