Lombardo, Assembly Republicans Choose Gun Lobby Over Nevadans’ Safety

Days after a school shooting in Nashville, Lombardo visits a firearms manufacturer in Pahrump

In the wake of devastating mass shootings in Nashville and Louisville, Nevada Democrats are taking action to keep guns out of the hands of bad actors, voting unanimously to advance gun safety bills AB354 and AB355 out of committee today. 

Despite Nevadans overwhelmingly supporting these measures, Governor Lombardo is standing with the gun lobby, making a spontaneous stop at a firearms manufacturer just days after the Nashville shooting while refusing to answer questions about the legislation and staying silent on the recent mass shootings. 

Pahrump Valley Times: “Armscor Precision invited him for an introduction,” McGill said of the visit. “They’re a firearms manufacturer and it was a little bit of a surprise. I heard about it yesterday and they invited me to come up there and meet with him there because I hadn’t met the owners of Armscor either.”

And as AB354 and AB355 head to the Assembly floor, let’s not forget every single Assembly Republican vowed to oppose this legislation before it even came up for discussion.



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