Lombardo Brags That His Veto Record “Will Be In The History Books”

Lombardo bragged about vetoing bills to protect contraception access, make housing more affordable, and lower health care costs

While stumbling through an interview with conservative radio yesterday, Governor Joe Lombardo bragged that his record-breaking 75 vetoes during the 82nd session of the Nevada Legislature will “be in the history books.” Bills that Lombardo bragged about vetoing would have protected access to contraception, made health care more accessible, helped address the housing crisis and lowered housing costs for seniors and Nevadans with disabilities. Lombardo also vetoed legislation that would have required him to disclose the secretive donors funding his shady dark money inaugural committee. Lombardo described these bills as “bad government,” showing just how out of touch he is with the priorities of Nevadans. 

Read below for the full exchange:

HOST [18:32]: “When you started this exercise, so to speak, the 82nd Nevada legislature, did you have any idea that you’d break all the records and get 75 vetoes? You must have writer’s cramp!” 

LOMBARDO: “Yea, yea, exactly. No, I had no idea… Yea, it’s record, and 75 vetoes means that we stopped bad government. But the other issue on that is the fact that it ever got to my desk. And you know, the idea is to prevent that and nothing but good legislation makes it to your desk and then the final review, by me, across my desk ensures that it is good legislation. But unfortunately we vetoed 75 bills. Yes it’s a record and it’ll be in the history books unless it’s broken again.” 


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