Lombardo Chooses Big Liar Jesse Law Over Law Enforcement

Governor Lombardo is wrapping up National Police Week with yet another blow to law enforcement – this time endorsing Clark County GOP Chair Jesse Law’s relection, a fake elector who relentlessly spread Trump’s Big Lie that led to a violent insurrection and the death of multiple officers. Law isn’t the first fake elector Lombardo has cozied up to – his “longtime friend” NV GOP Chairman Michael McDonald had his phone seized by the FBI for his role in the fake elector scheme and was deposed by the January 6th Committee.

Lombardo’s endorsement of Law comes just days after he vetoed popular gun safety legislation, “betrayed” Nevada State Police by voting against raising their pay, and threatened to veto the budget which could hinder public safety services across the state.

“Lombardo has no shame throwing aside law enforcement and Nevadans’ safety to prioritize political gain,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson Mallory Payne. “It’s shocking that a former sheriff could show such little regard for public safety but Lombardo is making it perfectly clear to Nevadans that he doesn’t care about anyone but himself.”



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