Lombardo Chooses to Protect Himself & His Big Donors Over Being Transparent with Nevadans

Already breaking his promise to be transparent with Nevadans, Joe Lombardo took his veto pen to Senate Bill 60, a bill that would retroactively require constitutional officers to disclose their inaugural committee donors. 

This legislation comes after reporting that Lombardo broke bipartisan precedent and registered his inaugural committee as a dark money group, hiding donors who may be trying to buy influence with a new governor…and we already know Lombardo was bought-and-paid-for by a billionaire slumlord on the campaign trail. 

“Joe Lombardo just confirmed what we already know – he has no intention of living up to his campaign promise of being transparent with Nevadans,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson Mallory Payne. “After vetoing popular legislation that would lower prescription drug costs, make housing more fair and affordable, and keep guns out of the hands of bad actors, Lombardo is trying to hide the fact that he’s serving the interests of his wealthy donors over Nevadans.”



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