Lombardo Sells Out Nevadans to Big Pharma

Siding with pharmaceutical companies over Nevadans, Joe Lombardo vetoed AB250 – an overwhelmingly popular bill that would cap drug prices at the rate negotiated by Medicare under President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act. This comes after every Republican state legislator voted against this legislation.

Lombardo was recently outed for registering his inaugural committee as a dark money group and hiding his donors since he was elected, leaving Nevadans in the dark about whether pharmaceutical corporations have tried to buy favors with the governor.

“Joe Lombardo has not only gone against the will of the 71% of Nevadans who support this legislation, but he also made it clear he’d rather line the pockets of Big Pharma than lower health care costs for hard working families,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson Mallory Payne. “With Lombardo’s history of evading transparency and masking his donors through dark money groups, Nevadans deserve to know if special interests are influencing his dangerous decisions.”



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