Nevada Democrats Break 2008 Turnout Record in Presidential Primary as GOP Flounders in Self-Inflicted Caucus Chaos

Today, Nevada Democrats officially surpassed the 2008 turnout record, banking nearly 126,000 participants as of this morning in the historic First in the West primary. Democrats led the charge in transitioning from a party-run caucus to a state-run primary in order to expand access to the ballot box.

Meanwhile, the Nevada GOP will hold a rigged caucus created to crown Donald Trump as their premier leader – one that has created so much chaos and confusion that the state party is worried about their voters even turning out. In fact, they’re so troubled to the point where they’re now working to block the public and the media from covering the caucus. 

“The record turnout numbers from our First in the West primary show that Nevada Democrats, by making our nominating process more accessible and leveraging our second in the nation primary spot to build the foundation needed for success, that our voter base is ready to deliver President Biden to victory,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Executive Director Hilary Barrett. “In contrast, you don’t have to look any further than the Nevada GOP to see that the current state of the Republican Party is in shambles. As if rigging the electoral process for Trump wasn’t enough, they’re now working overtime to keep their dysfunction in the dark.”



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