Nevada Senate Candidates Lining up Behind Trump’s GOP Chaos Caucus

After Trump’s victory during the rigged caucus today, Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson Katharine Kurz released the following statement about the MAGA Republican Senate candidates’ enthusiastic support for the disgraced former president who lost Nevada twice:  

“We’ve seen time and again just how far the MAGA extremists running for Senate will go to prove their allegiance to the disgraced former president and his toxic agenda. By supporting and participating in this rigged caucus, every one of these candidates are even further aligning themselves with Trump and his agenda of banning abortion, gutting health care, and slashing taxes for the ultra-wealthy and giant corporations at the expense of the middle class.” 


  • This is Trump’s second time in Las Vegas in less than two weeks. During his previous visit, Trump shouted out three of the Republican running for Senate – Gunter, Brown and Marchant – from the stage. He called them all “very good people” but declined to endorse any of the candidates.
  • Despite previously trying to hide his support for Trump last year, Brown has now been working overtime to prove his MAGA allegiance for the past month by helping GOTV for Trump in Las Vegas in preparation for the rigged caucus.
  • All of the major Senate primary GOP candidates used social media to prop up Trump’s rigged caucus, celebrate Nikki Haley’s loss, and declare the state-run primary unimportant.
  • All of the GOP Senate primary candidates have unabashedly supported Trump even as the former president:
    • Bragged about being responsible for overturning Roe v. Wade.
    • Said that he hoped the U.S. economy would crash in 2024 because it would be good for his campaign.
    • Pledged to renew efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act if elected, which would rip away health care from millions of Americans.



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