Nevada Supreme Court Rejects Republican Effort to Keep Abortion Rights Off 2024

Yesterday, the Nevada State Supreme Court unanimously rejected a Republican-led challenge to a petition to enshrine reproductive rights in the Nevada Constitution, effectively sinking right-wing legal efforts to prevent Nevadans from using their voice to defend abortion access. This comes after Joe Lombardo told the Nevada Independent he would not support the initiative and all legislative Republicans voted against the measure. 

Lombardo promised to govern through an anti-choice lens and he’s made good on that promise by coming out in favor of a strict new abortion ban in Nevada and quietly hosting a fundraiser at the governor’s mansion for Nevada Right To Life, an extreme anti-choice group, that strongly opposes and lobbied against strengthening the state’s abortion protections. Given the opportunity, Lombardo and his cronies in the legislature would follow Donald Trump’s lead and strip Nevada women of their reproductive freedoms. 

MAGA extremist and Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sam Brown has also made his opposition to abortion rights clear over the last decade. He has repeatedly supported abortion bans with no exceptions for rape or incest, including an extreme abortion ban in Texas that was considered one of the “toughest restrictions in the country,” and he strongly supported overturning Roe v. Wade. Brown even declared that his anti-abortion position is “non-negotiable” for him.

Trump has promised “to be leading the charge” in getting a national abortion ban passed and has said there should be “punishment” for women who have an abortion. Trump’s dangerous abortion bans will not end in Florida or Arizona, a national abortion ban would supersede any codification of reproductive freedom in Nevada’s constitution.   

“It’s clear: Nevada Republicans are too extreme for our state,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Tai Sims. “The Nevada GOP, led by Joe Lombardo and Michael McDonald, is in lockstep with Donald Trump and Sam Brown to advance a national abortion ban. No matter how hard these extremists work to strip Nevadans of their reproductive rights, Democrats will continue fighting to protect access to abortion, IVF, and birth control.” 



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