Donald Trump Proposes Another Tax Scam 

Today, Nevada Democratic Party Chair Daniele Monroe-Moreno released the following statement on Donald Trump’s newest proposed tax scam: 

“After spending his time in office lining the pockets of the biggest corporations and the ultra-wealthy and creating incentives for corporations to ship American jobs overseas, Donald Trump is plotting to bring back the same failed trickle-down policies that left working Nevada families behind if elected next year. Nevadans know all too well that we can’t afford Trump’s MAGA economic agenda after the deficit ballooned and millions of jobs were lost under his watch. President Biden and Vice President Harris are turning the page on Trump’s failed policies to make the economy work for the middle class again — and we can’t go back.”

Here’s a look at the failed MAGA economic agenda Trump is promising to bring back:

  • Trump is proposing expanding his extremely unpopular 2017 tax scam in a move that would once again cater to the ultra-rich and big corporations and add to the deficit in the process. 
  • This comes after Trump’s 2017 tax scam already rigged the economy for big corporations and the ultra-wealthy at the expense of the middle class.
  • Trump’s reckless fiscal policy and tax giveaways for the wealthy grew our national deficit even before the pandemic. In fact, under Trump’s leadership, America went through one of the largest increases in the national debt ever. 


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