#NVLeg Watch: An Unhinged Governor with a Transparency Problem

Instead of working for Nevada families, Lombardo is throwing temper tantrums and threatening to shut down the state solely because he’s not getting his way. With new reporting today revealing that Lombardo has been hiding his inaugural committee’s donors and spending, questions are being raised about his potential conflicts of interest while making critical legislative decisions. Meanwhile, Democrats got to work this week passing budget bills with historic investments in education, public safety, and health care. Keep reading for all the highlights!

MAGA Moments

Governor Lombardo is losing it over the fact that he can’t control the Democratic-led legislature. He continues to threaten to veto the budget over his partisan wish list and put essential state services at risk, making Nevada families pay the price.

KOLO: Governor threatens again to veto state budget

“With less than two weeks left in the 2023 legislative session, assembly and senate majority leaders released their budget for the biennium.

“Senator Nicole Cannizzaro and Speaker Steve Yeager say there are historic investments in education, health care, public safety, state workers and capital improvements.

“Within two hours of the conference, Governor Joe Lombardo repeated his threat of a veto unless his priorities are addressed.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Tensions rise as governor, legislative Democrats clash over state budget

“Just minutes after Democratic leadership on Thursday said it would “be hard to justify” vetoing the state budget, Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo vowed again to do just that if his legislative agenda is ignored.”

AP: Partisan split over Nevada budget threatens sports stadium, film tax credit

“Gov. Joe Lombardo issued a terse five-point ultimatum and declared he “will not sign any budget bills until my priorities are addressed.” Earlier in the day, Senate and Assembly Democrats stood by their budget bills, which are set to receive final votes and head to Lombardo’s desk.

“Nevada’s Democratic leadership says a Lombardo veto would jeopardize initiatives to partially fund a new stadium for the Oakland Athletics, use tax credits to help expand the film industry in Las Vegas, and replace a crumbling tribal school.”

After legislative Republicans voted against the budget bills’ record funding for public education and pay raises for state police, it’s clear the NV GOP has no interest in helping Nevadans.

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Education funding bill faces hurdles; state employees may get raises

Lombardo has been caught red-handed in his latest shady scheme – this time, it’s come to light that he registered his inaugural committee as a dark money group to hide his donors and spending from Nevadans. 

The Nevada Independent: Pro-Lombardo ‘dark money’ nonprofit started as governor’s inaugural committee

“Lombardo’s use of a nonprofit to manage his inaugural ball marks a departure from past practice, and allows him to avoid disclosing donors.

“Bradley Schrager, an attorney who frequently represents Democrats and Democrat-backed causes, suggested that the creation of a nonprofit organization to run the inaugural committee was an effort to avoid transparency.”

Dems Deliver

Democrats stood with Nevadans who overwhelmingly support the right to choose and advanced SB131 to codify a Sisolak executive order protecting abortion providers and patients who travel to Nevada for reproductive care. 

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Lombardo gets abortion protections bill

A bill codifying protections for out-of-state abortion patients is headed to Gov. Joe Lombardo’s desk after the Assembly voted along party lines to pass the legislation Monday.

After Nevada Republicans submitted fake election certification documents following the 2020 election and fueled the lies that led to a deadly insurrection, Democrats sent a bill to Lombardo’s desk criminalizing fake electors who undermine our free and fair elections. The only problem? Lombardo loves to cozy up to fake electors…

Nevada Current: Fake elector bill passes Legislature, heads to desk of governor who recently endorsed fake elector

“Lombardo has not publicly disavowed the actions of the fake electors or Trump’s attempts to overthrow the 2020 presidential election…Lombardo has maintained relationships with at least two fake electors.”

There’s no sign of things slowing down in Carson City so we’ll be back next week with more updates!



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