#NVLeg Watch: Dems Defend Abortion Protections, GOP Plays Politics with Education

As Democrats pushed legislation forward to strengthen abortion protections in Nevada, every Republican put their anti-choice base over the majority of Nevadans who support reproductive rights. Then, Democrats passed a historic education budget while Republicans put political games over students and teachers. Keep reading for all the highlights!

Dems Deliver

Legislative Democrats moved one step closer to protecting reproductive freedom in the Silver State after the Assembly passed SJR7 to send constitutional abortion protections to a vote of the people. Every single legislative Republican opposed the measure, while Joe Lombardo has refused to say whether or not he supports giving Nevadans the ability to strengthen statutory protections. 

Las Vegas Sun: Nevada advances proposal to enshrine abortion rights into state constitution

“The Assembly voted 28-14 — with all Republicans voting against — to pass Senate Joint Resolution 7, which also passed out of the Legislature’s upper chamber last month along party lines.”

Assembly Democrats also heard SB131 – a bill to codify former Governor Sisolak’s executive order that protects in state abortion providers and out of state patients from punishment by other states.

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Lawmakers move to protect abortion rights in Nevada constitution

“Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro, D-Las Vegas, encouraged her colleagues to protect women who come to Nevada for an abortion because it’s illegal in their home states. Under Cannizzaro’s Senate Bill 131, the state could not cooperate with authorities in other states seeking to prosecute women for seeking an abortion here.”

Democrats led on legislation to protect organ donors from insurance discrimination, passing both chambers unanimously and getting signed into law this week!

KSNV: Nevada bill to protect living organ donors from discrimination signed into law

MAGA Moments

“Education Governor” Joe Lombardo and Nevada Republicans are playing politics at the expense of students and teachers, unanimously voting against historic funding in public education after supporting it just two days before.

The Nevada Independent: Budget committee splits on party lines over $2 billion K-12 boost

As the Assembly heard a bill on criminalizing fake electors, here’s a reminder that Joe Lombardo’s “longtime friend” and NV GOP Chair Michael McDonald was a fake elector after the 2020 election. Lombardo has yet to say if he’ll stand with his MAGA bestie, or finally denounce his party’s dangerous efforts to undermine free and fair elections.

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Bill to criminalize fake electors in Nevada gets another hearing

“The legislation comes in response to a group of Republican presidential electors who, in a scheme to allow President Donald Trump to remain in office after losing the election, signed fake certificates to be sent to Washington, D.C.”

As Democrats work to improve Nevadans’ access to behavioral and mental health care, Republicans voted against a bill that would generate funding for lifesaving crisis intervention services.

Nevada Current: Senate Finance Committee pushes 988 funding through despite opposition from Republicans

With less than a month to go, there’s still a lot more to come. Stay tuned for more updates! 



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