Run But Can’t Hide: Sam Brown Tries to Paper Over Extreme Record on Abortion, Big Lie, Trump During Campaign Launch

Brown asked twice if he stands by Big Lie comments – refuses to answer 

Less than two years ago, Sam Brown launched his first failed bid for Nevada Senate on a platform of opposing abortion rights even in cases of rape or incest, overturning the 2020 election results in Nevada, and backing Donald Trump’s MAGA agenda. 

Now, on his second Senate campaign, Brown is taking a different approach – trying to paper over his extreme record altogether. 

  • ABORTION: In an interview with the Nevada Independent, Brown “declined to say whether he would support or oppose a national abortion ban” and refused to answer whether he supports changing Nevada’s law on abortion. 
  • BIG LIE: Brown was called out by local outlets for repeatedly dodging questions on his support for overturning the 2020 election results in Nevada. From KRNV: “In a debate, he criticized Laxalt for not doing enough to investigate voter fraud. We asked him twice if he stood by those comments.” Spoiler alert: he didn’t answer. 
  • TRUMP: Despite backing Trump in 2020 and running on his MAGA agenda last cycle, Brown refused to answer whether or not he’s supporting Trump in the upcoming Republican presidential primary. 

Meanwhile, his opponent Jim Marchant has not shied away from his support for Donald Trump or the Big Lie – formally endorsing Trump and attending his event in Nevada last Saturday. 


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