Sam Brown Calls $35/Month Insulin Cap, Lower Prescription Drug Costs for Seniors “Big Loss for the American People”

While the vast majority of Americans support efforts to drive down the cost of prescription drugs, Mitch McConnell darling Sam Brown is doubling down on his opposition to these widely popular cost-cutting measures – once again showing just how out of step he is with everyday Nevadans. 

This weekend, Brown called provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act to cap insulin costs at $35/month for seniors and give Medicare the power to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices a “big loss for the American people.”

If Brown had it his way, the Inflation Reduction Act would be repealed and the cost of many prescription drugs for Nevada seniors and families would skyrocket – all so the biggest drug companies continue to see their profits rise.

Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson Johanna Warshaw
“The real loss for the American people here is that MAGA extremists like Sam Brown want to hike prescription drug costs for Nevada’s seniors and families by repealing this widely popular legislation.” 


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