Shot/Chaser: Minutes After Vetoing Gun Safety Legislation, Lombardo Turns His Back on Law Enforcement

After campaigning on keeping Nevadans safe and “immediately” giving state police a pay raise, Governor Lombardo is breaking promises left and right today. Right after vetoing three gun violence prevention bills, Lombardo voted against a collective bargaining agreement to increase funding for Nevada State Police, proving he never cared about public safety after all.

Shot: Lombardo vetoed three bills that are overwhelmingly backed by Nevadans and would help keep communities safe from gun violence.

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Lombardo vetoes 3 gun control bills

Chaser: Just an hour later, the Nevada Police Union blasted Lombardo for voting against a collective bargaining agreement to increase their pay, calling it a detriment to officers and the safety of Nevadans.

“Actions speak louder than words and Governor Lombardo’s actions today are deafening,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson Mallory Payne. “Every single promise he made on the campaign trail to protect Nevadans and support law enforcement was a lie. He’s made it clear that his only priority is political gain.”



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