That’s A Wrap(?): Dems Deliver for Nevadans in 2023 Legislative Session While GOP Prioritizes Political Gain

Nevada State Democratic Party Executive Director Hilary Barrett released the following statement on Democrats’ achievements during the 82nd legislative session and Republicans’ refusal to put Nevadans first:

“Led by Majority Leader Cannizzaro and Speaker Yeager, Democrats in the legislature showed up on day one to deliver for Nevadans and pass legislation that safeguards reproductive rights, lowers housing and health care costs, makes our communities safer, protects workers, and invests historic levels in public education. While so many of their accomplishments garnered bipartisan support and were signed into law, it’s disappointing that Governor Lombardo caved over and over again to special interests and vetoed bills that were not only popular among Nevadans but also would have benefited countless families.”

Here are just a few of Democrats’ accomplishments that have been signed into law:


  • Codified former Governor Sisolak’s executive order to protect abortion providers and out of state patients who seek reproductive care in Nevada
  • Advanced a constitutional amendment that gives voters the ability to enshrine abortion protections in the Nevada Constitution
  • Protected living organ donors from discrimination by insurance companies
  • Requires companies that manufacture feminine hygiene products to disclose potentially harmful side effects and ingredients


  • Made financial literacy a priority in schools
  • Allocated an additional $2 billion in K-12 public schools – a record investment in education in Nevada
  • Protected educators from violence in schools


  • Expanded protections for workers
  • Kept domestic violence victims’ personal information confidential
  • Protected transgender and nonbinary Nevadans who are incarcerated by the Department of Corrections

Meanwhile, Republicans are going to war with each other, trying to spin their lack of accomplishments, and totally flailing as the legislative session wraps (for now, thanks to the GOP). Lombardo failed his first major test as governor, inching toward a record number of vetoes and killing bills that would have:


  • Raised the minimum age to buy an assault weapon from 18 to 21 
  • Prevented people convicted of hate crimes from purchasing firearms for 10 years
  • Kept firearms out of polling places and closed ghost gun loopholes
  • Lowered the risk of dangerous trail derailments


  • Capped rent increases for seniors and Nevadans with disabilities


  • Lowered the cost of prescription drugs
  • Created a statewide mental health consortium
  • Protected doctors who provide gender-affirming care


  • Criminalized fake electors who try to overturn elections and undermine our democracy
  • Expanded access to the ballot box and allowed election officials to begin counting ballots on the first day of early voting


  • Made year-round learning opportunities available to all Nevada public school students
  • Provided health insurance to substitute teachers
  • Increased security in schools

A number of Democratic bills are sitting on Lombardo’s desk or heading that way, including legislation that grants pay raises and arbitration awards to State Police, expands access to birth control, requires inaugural committees to report their donors and expenses, and expands tenant protections. With a ten day deadline to sign or veto, the clock is ticking for Lombardo to do the right thing and stand with Nevadans…



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